How to Find The Wedding Photographer Thats Right for YOU!!

Its an often asked question “How Do I Find A Wedding Photographer?” I like to narrow down that question to be a little more specific “ How to Find The Wedding Photographer Thats Right for ME?!”


After all, you only get to live this day once…

Proper attitude & Proper expierence, are everything…


Let me be the first to tell you- there are a ton of talented wedding photographers out there!... There are even more people “with cameras”. So when it comes to you wedding day you want to make sure you’re hiring a pro with experience. After all, you only get to live this day once, and many of the best moments that day happen without notice. So having a photographer that can make adjustments on the fly and not add undue burden or stress to the day can really be a life saver. Having a streesful non-prepared media team can bring down the energy levels of the entire wedding party, and looking back you want to not only love your photo’s, but also love the experience provided by the photographer. So here are some tips for finding the right photographer to cover you wedding day.


Seek Referrals from Friends



Now before you put out a recommendation post on Facebook and receive a more comments than you can filter through, personally message any friends who’ve recently been married and ask them about their photographer and the experience they had with them. Ask them if there was anything they wish they would have looked for in their photographer? Then build a list of a handful that you’re interested in meeting with. I would then sit down with your significant other and start scrolling their social feeds making sure you dig their style of photography and general editing style. Some are more fine art and some candid. Some have saturated colors and dark mood tones, and some are bright and airy. While I try to mix in whatever the mood in the picture calls for, some photographer stay in their lane, but make sure you see a consistency that you like.


SIDE NOTE: beware of choosing strictly by social media feeds! Every picture looks great on a tiny screen- many photo imperfections and lack of lighting knowledge can be disguised on an insta-grid.


Reviewing their Reviews


By now you’ve narrowed down your top choices and you’re ready to start doing deeper research. Go read reviews from couples that you don’t know and see what they had to say about working with the photog at-hand. Like mentioned above- wedding experience is critical. Many super talented photographers won’t touch weddings because they don’t like to deal with embracing the unknown and enjoy shooting in a very controlled environment (certain locations, only at sunset, only in studio, etc) Great wedding photographer’s knowingly accept that there will be many times throughout the day that they will be shooting in circumstances outside of what we would consider “ideal”, but experience has taught them much and they will be prepared for whatever your day might hold.



Interview’s & Consultations


This in my opinion is the most important part of the process. On the day of your wedding you are literally tracked and followed by your media team: almost like your very own personal paparazzi! She if you’re going to hang out with someone the entire day on the most important day of your life, you want to make sure that personalities’ are not conflicting and there is a positive energy throughout the day. You don’t want your wedding day to be the first time you meet your photographer. You also don’t an event company just sending you whoever is available for your day based on the entertainment package you purchased. Meet your photographer out for coffee. Go to their studio for a chat! The last thing you want to do is look back at your photos and the first thing you remember is how you and your photographer we at each other’s necks all day!


My consultations are free and required before I will book with any couple. I would love the chance to sit down with you and discuss covering your day!


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